Hans Van Biets

Hans isn't just another EDM DJ, he is more than that. DJ'ing before Moby had hair, Hans actually invented the modern EDM style many enjoy today. At the tender age of six his mother gave him an Abba record. As with any young Swedish child, he was drawn to the melodies but it simply wasn't enough. He started modifying his equipment and a year later played the same ABBA record at 128 beats per minute. The result? EDM. Hans still plays that same record today but now it’s in front of millions of adoring fans. With a penchant for integrating a sexual feel into his music, Hans has grown a reputation for his womanizing ways. Most recently, Hans has become the first DJ to insure his penis.

Hans can play for any crowd, his experience and musical background allow him to push, pull and build tension to not only warm the crowd up but keep them going all night. Hans’ style is brilliant, progressive house, epic blends, mashups, original tunes and even some top 40. Hans loves putting on a full performance, not just DJ’ing. His outfit and enthusiasm have fans loving every minute of every show. Hans’ has played everything from small venues with 50 people to headlining sold out nightclubs with hundreds of people. And as long as you want a DJ who can truly make the party, Hans is the DJ for you.


Hans Van Biets